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Photo of Alex R.

Alex R.

Wonderful! Absolutely amazing. I took so many pictures because all of it was worth being able to see over and over again. The walk down through the natural entrance is definitely worth the extra 1.25miles. You see so many interesting creations in the caverns and learn a lot about how the caverns formed. We went back that night and watched millions of bats leave the caves!
Photo of Sam Guse

Sam Guse

Absolutely stunning! And well run. I appreciate the timed entry program. We presented our reservation and were immediately sent over to the elevator for our self guided tour. Expectations were set appropriately. There were rangers available for questions, the gift shop and restaurant were not crowded, and everyone was pleasant.
Later that day, I came back for a drive along the 9.5 mile loop road and was treated to lovely scenery, plants, and wildlife.
This was a great experience!
Photo of G L Parker

G L Parker

Great place to visit with the kids and a must see for everyone! We have three boys and they were utterly fascinated with the wonders of the tunnels and caves, nooks and crannies of this underground marvel. We took the elevator down 754 feet vs the 1hr hike down the natural trail, and enjoyed comfortable 56° temps. We weren't able to have a guided tour but that would have been helpful. The self guided tour has handrails, rest areas, and a paved path with numbered markers (not certain what they were for). There were also spotlights and some signage along the route explaining the different formations and sights. A shortcut is available before going to the infamous "Big room" if the trail gets too much or need a detour to the bathroom. But highly recommend using the bathroom ahead of time! Reservations are necessary! Plan ahead and sign up for the ranger guided tour....take as many pictures as you want.... There's no time limit so take your time and enjoy the quiet breathtaking and awesome views of what WE consider to be one of God's miraculous creations (both before and after the worldwide flood)! Happy exploring!
Photo of Shannon Kaye Germanos

Shannon Kaye Germanos

This is an Incredibly Magnificent Natural Cavern with some modern conveniences so you can see the jawdropping formations. You can hike in the natural entrance if you're used to hiking. If your not, save your joints and muscles. It's very steep. Walking/Hiking in the natural entrance, you will descend over 700 feet in 60 switchbacks. I saw quite a few dear people that should have never attempted that path. They were obviously in pain, exhausted and some were even afraid. It's an incredible adventure, but not for the faint of heart or those with any kind of mobility difficulties. There's a perfectly modern elevator to descend from the surface to the big room. In the big room, you will have ups and downs on the trail, but nothing that 99%+ can't handle. The formations are mind blowing, beautiful and enormous. You will not regret seeing this natural wonder.
Photo of Joana Underwood

Joana Underwood

Just. WOW. A must visit. And if able. Do the hike to get the full experience. It does get chilly so bring a light jacket. There are some dark, slippery spots so be careful. Wear comfortable shoes. Some of the pathways are steep. Also, the snack bar downstairs IS CLOSED so don't depend on it. Google says it's open but it's not. Besides, eating is not allowed in the cave anyway. Water is the only beverage allowed. Eat before your hike! We stopped a few times to admire the formations and take photos and it took us about 2 hours to get to the bottom.

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