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Medical & Recreational Marijuana Growers Insurance

Insurance, a necessary evil or an essential part of daily life? This is surely the kind of question that goes through the mind of any business owner, yet especially one who is involved in a business as inherently risky as cannabis cultivation. No matter your thoughts on the matter, insurance is something that is essential in todays world.

No business can afford to be uninsured and take the risks associated with potentially losing all of your inventory, equipment and hard earned cash. At this point, you are probably asking yourself if it’s possible to get medical and recreational marijuana growers insurance and the answer is yes, it’s actually quite a bit easier and more affordable than you think.  With our years of insurance experience,We will guide you through the process to help you fully understand the coverage options available to you and your business.

What Is Marijuana Growers Insurance?

This is insurance that is specifically designed to cover your needs as a medical and or recreational marijuana supplier. Designed to cover this specific niche market, these products are aimed directly at your type of business.

Who Can I Get Insured With?

While there might be other insurers out there, We is able to provide medical marijuana growers with multiple coverage options.  All tailored through experience, to provide you with exactly what you need. We are able to provide your cultivation facility with coverage for your plants in multiple stages of growth, from seed to sale.

These three stages are:

  • Living Plant Material: Seeds, marijuana plants in the stage of vegetative growth, immature marijuana seedlings, and flowering mature plants in the growing medium.
  • Harvested Plant Material: Mature marijuana plant material that is not situated inside the growing medium, but is in the drying and curing process.
  • Finished Stock: Mature marijuana plant material no longer in the growing medium, which has been completely processed and is ready for sale.

Medical & Recreational Dispensary Insurance

Marijuana has been found to relieve the pain and suffering of many individuals with chronic and serious illnesses. As the legal cannabis industry continues gaining momentum as one of the fastest growing markets in the US, marijuana businesses are now facing certain challenges that comes with their new place in the world.

Claims and lawsuits against cannabis businesses ranging from inadequate warning labels, presence of pesticide residues in products, to unsafe handling practices during the manufacturing process are cropping up more and more.

If a consumer purchases a defective product from a retailer and becomes ill, that dispensary owner can be held liable, even if there was no prior knowledge of defects in the product. The rationale behind imposing liability on dispensary owners is that it will pressure them to vet manufacturers they do business with more carefully and only work with businesses that have a proven track record of making high quality, safe products.

Whether it is a slip and fall claim at your actual marijuana dispensary, a product liability claim from consumption of the cannabis and other products you sell, or protecting your business from fire or theft claims, Carlsbad General Insurance can offer the necessary insurance protection to help you recover from any of these unexpected losses.